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What Does Get Reading Teach?

In fun and interactive small groups, Get Reading teaches print awareness, syllable awareness and sound knowledge. By the end of the program, chidren will have had lots of practice reading phonetically regular words and sight words. The language component of Get Reading focuses on vocabulary development, following instructions and comprehension. As speech pathologists we are regularly monitoring children’s speech and language development. Fine motor skills include: cutting, pasting, handwriting and pencil grip.

Evidence Based Teaching

Get Reading is based on current research which shows that good pre-literacy and language skills are positive indicators for learning to read. Additionally, research indicates that a rich vocabulary is closely linked to good comprehension. 

Reading with ease facilitates learning, which creates confidence and a love of learning. A multisensory approach to learning literacy has been proven as the most effective method for ensuring success in literacy development.

The Details

At Get Reading, highly qualified Speech Pathologists run group lessons (maximum of 5 children). Groups are held weekly for one hour and include parent feedback. There are 8 lessons per term. 

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24 Bondi Road, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022. We are located on the corner of Bondi Road and Waverley Crescent. 
Free 2 hour street parking is available on Waverley Crescent.

Contact us on 0411 865 659 or 0411 559 135


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